Prospective PhD Students

If you are a prospective PhD student that would like to pursue a PhD degree in my research group, then please

  1. Browse the research page to learn more about the general research areas
  2. If you find that these interests match yours, then send us an email. In this email, please include
    1. a short motivation of why you would like to pursue a PhD, and a brief argument of why you believe that the topics that interest you are important
    2. a brief overview of what you have already done in this area (course work, projects, software you have written, publications you have authored, etc.)
    3. your current affiliation, grade point average and class rankings.

These points correspond to personal characteristics that we are looking for: a passion for science; self-motivation, drive and creativity; and excellent analytical and communication skills. 

As a PhD student at KTH, you will have access to an outstanding PhD program, receive salary and competitive benefits, and obtain support to reach your full potential. 

Prospective PostDoctoral Scholars

If you have received your PhD (or are close to graduation) and would like to perform postdoctoral research with us, then please send me a short email.
In this email, please include

  1. a short motivation of why you would like to do a postdoc (in contrast to, say, applying for faculty positions, joining industry, starting your own company, etc.)
  2. a brief description of the research areas that you would like to consider, and a motivation of why you believe that these problems are important
  3. your CV including previous affiliations (PhD program, Master degree, etc.), grades, and scientific publications
  4. one paragraph describing the one scientific accomplishment that you are most proud of, as well as your most important publication.
  5. one or two references

As a postdoctoral scholar, you will receive competitive benefits and support to take your career to the next level. We give ample of opportunities for you to interact with students, postdocs and faculty; we support conference travels and encourage involvement in teaching and grant-writing.

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